LeanGene provides the Next Chapter of compact and affordable flow cytometry instruments (Cytek® Spectral Flowcytometers) to the Jordanian market through AGBL.

Cytek® Spectral Flowcytometers enables multiplexing capability that streamlines workflows and delivers a high level of biological clarity for a majority of applications.

Unlike conventional Flow Cytometry, Cytek Spectral Flow captures the whole spectra of emission allowing the use of unmixing algorithms and resolving different overlapping fluorochromes even when co expressed on same cell.


Why Cytek Flow Cytometers?Aurora

  • Premium full spectra emission cytometry with unparalleled flexibility
  • Multiple configurations to suit specific uses
  • Less lasers More colours
  • Up to 5 lasers, three scattering channels, 64 fluorescence channels and 40 colors!
  • No Compensation required and No spillover between dyes
  • Extracting Autofluorescence separates populations making them easier to identify
  • Vacuum fluidics
  • Proprietary Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) array takes advantage of Full Spectral Cytometry
  • Compact Size: Uses small APD detectors to accommodate more detectors with a smaller footprint
  • SpectroFlo® offers intuitive software from QC to Data Analysis



  • Optical design and SpectroFlo® unmixing algorithms allowing great flexibility in fluorochrome choice, panel selection and setup without changing optical filters
  • Use of fluorochromes with emission spectra in close proximity to each other.
  • Bigger Panels Highly sensitive violet SS detector allows small particle detection down to 100nm
  • Uses one configuration for all applications
  • Reliable 96 well plate acquisition. Switch seamlessly between plates and tubes


We also provide a wide range of high quality single, dual and triple color antibody reagents in line with diagnostic guidelines in flow cytometry analysis. 


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