LeanGene offers LIFECODES HLA Typing Trays for use in the qualitative determination of HLA cell surface antigens using a complement-dependent microlymphocytotoxic technique.

LIFECODES HLA Typing Trays contain specific human antisera plus positive and negative controls. The differing styles of trays available provide various abbreviated or extensive choices for testing;

  • The 72 Trays: contain sera to test for A,B loci; A,B,C loci; or ethnically associated loci as seen in the black (72BL) trays.
  • The 72C Tray: contains sera to test for Cw1-Cw4
  • The ABC2 Tray: provides sera to test for Cw1-Cw8.
  • Class II (DR) HLA Typing Trays
  • HLA B-27 

HLA characterization may be used for patient and/or donor assessment as applicable in Organ Transplant, Platelet Transfusion, Bone Marrow Transplant and Disease Association Studies.


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