Blood Bank Automation Workshop

 18 Jul 2016 


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LeanGene has conducted a full week workshop and hands-on training on the Blood Bank Automation solutions supplied by Immucor - USA at multiple customers cites and at LeanGene HQ office.

About Immucor Transfusion Diagnostics

Immucor is a leading provider of transfusion and transplantation diagnostic products worldwide.

Immucor’s transfusion diagnostics segment develops, manufactures and sells a complete line of serology-based reagents and instruments used by hospitals, reference labs and donor centers to perform pre-transfusion typing and screening of blood. Immucor's products, which help ensure donor-recipient compatibility, deliver accurate, pre-transfusion test results in an efficient and productive way for our customers.

Immucor’s portfolio of pre-transfusion diagnostics systems includes scalable and flexible automation options to accommodate a variety of operational sizes, volumes and complexities.

Immucor has developed molecular typing assays using their multiplex, polymerase chain reaction (“PCR”) technology marketed as the BeadChip™ System.

Immucor's Blood Bank automation provides fast turnaround times, instant access and features the broadest test menu available using Immucor’s exclusive Capture® technology for serology-based antibody screening and identification.

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