LeanGene provides the Blood Bank laboratories with high quality Immunohematology reagents manufactured by Immucor - the world leader in transfusion diagnostics products.


With Immucor immunohematology reagents, you can find the right reagent for your every need from the routine ABO to the complex antibody investigation.

Immucor immunohematology reagents include:

  • Reagent Red Blood Cells:

the broadest product line of traditional Reagent Red Blood Cells on the global market that are designed to serve the needs of laboratories of all sizes.

Reagent Red Blood Cells Brochure
Panocell Brochure
Panoscreen Brochure

  • Blood Grouping and Typing:

From the routine ABO to a monoclonal Anti-P1 and rare lectins. An extensive offering of AHG reagents from basic to complex with a choice of package sizes and clear or green reagent dye to improve process controls in your laboratory. Assays may include antibody screening, antibody identification, Weak D testing, antiglobulin crossmatch and rare antigen typing.

  • Potentiators:

a wide range of additives for enhancing antibody detection tests. Including; Bovine Serum Albumin, Low-Ionic-Strength Solutions (LISS) & Polyethylene Glycol.

  • Competency:

Immunohematology Competency Kits from Basic to Advanced that demonstrates competency in forward and reverse ABO/Rh, antibody screen, antibody identification, phenotyping, crossmatch, and/or pre- and post-transfusion work-up.

Competency Brochure

  • Quality Control:

An array of Quality Control reagents designed to meet stringent quality and compliance standards for manual & Immucor automation systems. 

  • Specialty Products:

unique specialty reagents empowers any laboratory to test basic to complex antibody workups. These products help you provide the most compatible blood components, ensuring patient safety and improving patient outcomes.

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FMH RapidScreen Brochure

Immucor provides your laboratory with the broadest range of specialty products for connecting donor to recipient:


Complement Control Cells Confirmation of Anti-C3 activity 
Gamma® ELU-KIT® II​ Rapid acid elution of antibodies from intact red blood cells
W.A.R.M. Warm Autoantibody Removal Medium 
​​Gamma® EGA Kit Removal of red cell bound immunoglobulin
​  RESt®  ​Removal of cold autoagglutinins
​  H.P.C. ​Removal of unwanted HLA-related antibodies
​Gamma®-Quin ​Removal of red cell bound immunoglobulin 
​  Weak D Cells ​Quality Control of Anti-D reagents
​Gamma® P1 Blood Group Substance ​Neutralization of anti-P1
​Gamma® Lewis Blood Group Substance ​​Neutralization of anti-Lea and anti-Leb
​Gamma® Zyme-B Bromelin solution for one-stage test procedure
​Gamma® Zyme-F Ficin solution used as a proteolytic enzyme in serological tests or to pretreat cells for adsorption
​Freeze Dried Papain ​Used as a proteolytic enzyme in serological tests or to pretreat cells for adsorption
Red Blood Cell (RBC) Storage Solution​ ​Isotonic cell suspending medium used to suspend and preserve red blood cells 
​FMH RapidScreen Detection of D-positive red cells in D-negative mothers



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