For a complete solution to HLA laboratories, LeanGene provides reagents and tools to support lymphocytotoxicity and complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) assays.

Our complete offering includes;

  • Rabbit-Complements: (for HLA ABC, HLA ABC/DR, HLA DR)  
  • Anti-Human Kappa Globulin (AHG) serum
  • HLA Positive Control (Rabbit Anti-Human Leukocyte Serum)
  • T Lymphocyte Positive Control
  • B Lymphocyte Positive Control
  • HLA Negative Control (Pooled Human Serum, Non-Heat Inactivated)
  • AHG Positive Control (Bw4/Bw6)
  • ABC Complement Titration Trays
  • DR7 Complement Titration Trays
  • Density Gradient Media
  • Buffers
  • Cell Isolation Techniques (Immunodencity Cell Isolation, Immunomsgnatic Cell Isolation)
  • Cell Isolation Accessories


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