Delivering flexible and cost-effective solutions to all users by providing variety of HLA-Typing techniques that suit every lab size, needs and budget.
Our HLA product line serves all kind of transplantation centres; Bone Marrow, Stem Cells, Cord Blood, Organ Transplantation & Donor Registry Centers.


LeanGene provides a complete range of HLA Class I and HLA Class II SSP typing trays supplied by CareDx-Olerup SSP® - the first commercially available SSP product in the field of HLA, more than 20 years ago (first introduced by the Associate Professor Olle Olerup). Olerup SSP® kits are frequently updated, every time a new lot is planned and produced, the update is based on the latest available allele database. This is one of the reasons that users continue to consider Olerup SSP® typing kits as setting the benchmark for SSP.

LeanGene partners with Immucor, the leading provider of transfusion and transplantation diagnostic products worldwide to deliver LIFECODES - the world-class brand in transplant diagnostics - to the region.
LIFECODES HLA Molecular Typing product range utilizes SSO methodology using xMAP® technology to identify HLA alleles present in a locus-specific PCR-amplified sample and hence evaluate HLA compatibility between donors and recipients.

LeanGene provides the robust and easy to use alternate in rapid HLA typing for pre-transplant matching of organ donors and recipients. We deliver to your hands the Olerup QTYPE™ HLA Typing by Real-Time PCR as a robust and easy to use alternative for rapid HLA typing within one hour!

LeanGene offers a wide variety of optimized reagents for Sequence Based Typing (SBT) assays. Our SBT product line includes HLA Class I and HLA Class II typing kits along with analysis Software that aim to reduce ambiguities in sequence analysis to be used in Clinical Laboratories and DNA Registry Laboratories.

LeanGene offers Whole Gene Sequencing assays to deliver High Resolution HLA genotyping of Class I and Class II loci. Complete coverage of all major HLA gene regions with NO secondary testing required to resolve questionable results. Our range of NGS HLA Typing products are supplied with Illumina NGS platform.

The HLA region encodes several molecules that play key roles in the immune system and thus there are autoimmune conditions with a strong association with HLA Alleles that can be detected by Allele Specific Typing. LeanGene offers gel-based SSP kits for the screening of HLA-alleles associated with certain diseases from Oleruo SSP®.

LeanGene provides HLA Typing Trays designed for use in the qualitative determination of HLA cell surface antigens using a complement-dependent microlymphocytotoxic technique.

LeanGene offers a wide selection of Accessory Products for the HLA laboratories including reagents and other tools to facilitate the workflow in your HLA lab.



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