LeanGene provides complete, ready-to-use antigenemia test kits for the diagnosis of an active CMV infection from IQ Products. These kits are IVD/CE registered as well as FDA cleared.


Kits Features

  • Detection of CMV pp65 positive PMNs by indirect immunofluorescence gives high sensitivity and easy reading of the results
  • A cocktail of antibodies specific for pp65
  • A complete kit containing all the reagents needed from cell preparation to immunofluorescence staining
  • The number of CMV pp65 positive cells are counted per duplicate stain
  • No evidence of cross reactivity between other viruses and CMV using the CMV antigenemia assay with the C10/C11 monoclonal antibody cocktail
  • Control slides are included
  • The kit is available in a 100 tests version
  • Registered as Medical Device for In Vitro Diagnostic Use (CE/IVD)
  • FDA cleared  
  • Two Kits available; CMV Brite™ Kit & CMV Brite™ Turbo Kit

CMV Brite Kit

CMV Brite™ Kit

Complete kit for the rapid diagnosis of an active CMV infection in 4 hours

CMV Brite Turbo Kit

CMV Brite™ Turbo Kit

Complete kit for the rapid diagnosis of an active CMV infection in 2 hours

Accessory Products

  • CMV Control Slides: CMV pp65 positive and negative cytospots
  • FITC Conjugate: Sheep anti-mouse-FITC immunoglobulin with Evans Blue
  • CMV C10/C11 cocktail: Mouse monoclonal antibody C10/C11 mix specific for human CMV
  • Polyomavirus Antibody: Specific monoclonal antibody for immunohistochemistry for the detection of polyomavirus infection


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