LeanGene provides Enovate Mobile Medical’s Carts that are designed to be comfortable and ergonomically correct whether you are pushing, pulling, sitting, or standing.

A full range of Documentation Carts, Medication Carts, special carts for Pediatrics and their accessories.

Ergonomics - What about having a product that moves with you? Enovate Mobile Medical’s Carts are effortlessly maneuver in any environment – wherever patient data or a powered mobile workstation is needed. 





T EM 1K00 00 Front
T EM 1K00 19 Front
Security keypadSECURITY

All technology, supplies, and medication are securely stored to help prevent theft and misuse through keyed and electronic locks.

Infection control02INFECTION CONTROL

All contact surfaces are finished or made with anti-microbial materials delivering smooth and clean surfaces. Enovate Medical's ergonomic handles are molded with an anti-microbial plastic, minimizing infection control trouble areas.

rt 2 mobius batteriesMULTIPLE POWER OPTIONS

Mobius Power and Enovate Medical power systems redefine mobile power. New chemical advances boost battery energy and improve life cycle while delivering on the lightest, smallest batteries available. We strive to develop reliable, maintenance-free power systems while creating a greener environment.



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