LeanGene partners with URIT; the frontrunner in Urinalysis, to provide Urinalysis analyzers for all lab sizes.

Our wide range of urinalysis analyzers starts from POC palm-size test units to fully automated workstations to meet all laboratory sizes.



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US-2000 Series

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AI Modular Urinalysis Workflow

The world FASTEST Urinalysis Workflow

  • 480 T/H for urine dry chemistry
  • 240 T/H for sediment analysis
  • AI Technology (CNN, deep learning)
  • Modular design & Multiplicate configuration
  • Customised combitation


US 1680

AL-Libre Urinalysis Analyzer
  • Compact all-in-one design
  • 300 T/H for Chemistry analysis
  • 120 T/H for sediment analysis
  • 120 T/H for both chemistry & sediment analysis
  • AI technology (CNN, deep learning)
  • 20 auto-recognition parameters
  • Real Strip image display


UC 1800


Automatic Urine Chemistry Analyzer Module 
  • Up to 480 T/H
  • Up to 14 parameters including CR, MA, CA, ACR
  • Physical Modular: oiffering accurate SG, turbidity, color result
  • Advanced CIS imaging system


URIT 16001280 

Complete Fully Automatic Urinalysis 
  • Consists of URIT-1600, URIT-1280, connecting bridge & workstation
  • Up to 300 T/H dry chemistry analysis
  • Up to 100 T/H sediment analysis and HIS communication
  • 14 dry chemistry parameters
  • 11 sediment parameters
  • whole view field microscopic images of sediment with capture


URIT 1000 Plus

Urine Sediment Analyzer
  • Available for 9 test items automatically
  • Phase detection for RBC in urine
  • Flat-field achromatic automatic continuous zoom microscopic test system
  • Nature urine to be tested directly
  • Only 1.2ml of sample required
  • Double channels to test



Urine  Analyzer
  • Up to 520 T/H
  • Up to 14 parameters including Cr, Ma, Ca, VitC & ACR
  • High automation, continuous urine strip loading
  • Code light source with long life and high stability
  • Barcode reader optional
  • Ready to connect with URIT-1000Plus



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