Tissue Processing

Offering a wide ranege of Milestone Medical's Tissue Processing Systems and Solutions for ultimate flixibility and quality procedures!

Providing unique automatic tissue processing line that is equipped with a Hybrid heating core that is based on a microwave plus conventional heating technique.

This technology drastically reduces specimen processing time offering, on one hand, the patient to receive a quality diagnosis in shorter time, reducing his strain of waiting for the results, and to immediately initiate a therapy, when necessary.

Milestone’s new tissue processors increase the productivity of the Lab or Hospital, as well as reducing overall expenses and operating costs. With the validated xylene-free process MAGNUS, LOGOS, LOGOS One and KOS become the ideal choice for the challenges faced by modern Pathology labs.

Besides, the ultimate solution named Synergy is an all-in-one system for the processing and the auto-embedding of tissues. It allows to skip the manual embedding by providing blocks ready for the cold plate and for the microtome. Synergy offers a concrete contribution towards the “Lean Lab”! 


Lean High-Throughput Tissue Processor

Incomparable flexibility: any tissue, any cassette. Continuous operation day and night.

magnus main2MAGNUS is the processor with the highest uptime by design. It does not require paraffin transfers, saving time and potential blockages. There are no cleaning cycles and a reduced consumption of reagents overall, delivering dramatic cost savings.

Safe by Design. It runs xylene-free, enabling long paraffin reutilization. Additionally, it checks alcohol purity before every step using the (optional) reagent sensor.

During the day, MAGNUS runs urgent biopsies in short, fully automated, continuous loading processes. During the night, MAGNUS runs as an advanced, resistant heated, processor. It also allows the user to set fixation time to fulfill all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing HER-2, ER and PgR testing.


The First All-In-One Hybrid Tissue Processor

Incomparable flexibility: any tissue, any cassette. Continuous operation day and night.

logos main 2

LOGOS is the first all-in-one tissue processor with the exclusive Milestone patented microwave hybrid processing technology.

This system can operate as a conventional resistance heated overnight tissue processor. It fulfills all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing HER-2, ER and PgR testing in breast tissues. Ultra-rapid dehydration/clearing steps are carried out by microwave heating technology for a faster turnaround. Its processing parameters can be set to fit your specific workflow requirements.


Fully automated processing and embedding in one unit

Incomparable flexibility: any tissue, any cassette. Continuous operation day and night.

logos one main

During the day, LOGOS One can run urgent biopsies in a short time as a fully automated unit. Molten wax is automatically transferred to and from the processing retort for the impregnation step.

During the night, LOGOS One can run protocols as an advanced and resistant heated processor. Improved operations are carried out through xylene-free protocols with only four reagents: formalin, ethanol, isopropanol and wax. It also has an optional delayed start mode, with a desired completion time set by the user, to allow additional fixation time, if needed.

LOGOS One tissue processor uses only 100% alcohol, resulting in significantly lower consumption of reagents overall.


The Multifunctional Microwave Tissue Processor

Incomparable flexibility: any tissue, any cassette. Continuous operation day and night.

kos main

A state-of-the-art, multifunctional microwave tissue processor, the KOS is ideally suited as a complement to the existing capabilities found in histology laboratories, where the multitasking nature of the instrument can enhance and accelerate many of the typical applications encountered.

  • High definition color monitor
  • USB port to upload-download data
  • Touch-screen, 8” color terminal
  • Removable, stainless steel tray for extra bench space
  • Connection to fume extraction system
  • Built-in regenerable charcoal filter

HistoDream EW

Tissue Embedding joined with Traceability


histodream ew main e1552494785625

Embedding will now have an added value: histotechs, while embedding, can scan the cassettes’ bar code and visually check the biopsies/specimens conformity to their original shape and numerousness, as images at the time of grossing and cassetting are displayed on the HistoDream EW screen.

HistoDream EW is a robust and reliable unit built to last: it is the ideal companion for tissue embedding and it’s fully equipped to answer any histotech request.

HistoDream M

Semi-automated Microtome

microtome mainn

The new semi-automated microtome from Milestone is a reliable, stable and precise unit, engineered to provide high quality sections, by assuring the operator’s safety and comfort.

Its smooth and ergonomic handwheel has been intended to minimize the users’ fatigue.

Safe and comfortable operations | User-friendly interface | Easy cleaning | Rapid specimen exchange


Pathology Lab Without Electrostatic Effect


During paraffin block cutting, electrostatic charges may often occur. These charges make the ribboning difficult, as the sections stick to the paraffin block itself, to forceps and to user’s fingers. The transfer to water bath is almost impossible and this cause a delay in the procedure and sections ribbon may break up.

EasyCUT neutralizes these electrostatic charges and thus it helps technicians in obtaining a perfect, non-sticky, wrinkle-free ribbon, without chattering effect and easy to transfer to the water bath.


Automatic Rack Scanner 


R Tracker website

Manual cassette scanning is a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task, as operators need to manually scan the cassettes one by one, to track the steps of the histological process. R-Tracker removes the manual scanning of all the rack’s cassettes through the complete automation of this process.

Automatic scanning of cassettes | Rapid tracking (15 seconds) | Accurate and complete documentation available in just a few seconds | 95% of time saving


Wax Cleaning System


histosmate web 21

Cleaning of wax contaminated items is a tedious and time-consuming task for any laboratory. In most cases, toxic reagents (xylene) will be used for this. HistosMATE offers an innovative, safe and rapid solution for the efficient cleaning of wax contaminated laboratory tools.

The cleaning process with HistosMATE is as simple as one click. The operator only has to press “START” and the cleaning process begins. Dewaxing your laboratory tools is now possible in only 7 minutes.


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Kits for Processing Plus Embedding in One Step

synergy consumable kit


Synergy technology is a patented, innovative method to automatically embed tissues as part of the processing protocols. It eliminates the need to reopen the cassettes and reorient the tissues, as necessary with manual embedding. The dedicated rack and consumables in combination with Milestone tissue processors (MAGNUS, LOGOS and LOGOS One) allow automatic embedding of up to 45 cassettes, regardless of the type of tissues and their dimensions.



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