LeanGene provides Immucor’s BioArray™ molecular BeadChip™ assays, the innovative tools in Transfusion Medicine that enhance donor and patient matching capability that are complement to the Echo® and NEO® automated serological testing systems.


A variety of assays are available for Red Blood Cell and Platelet genotyping to assist with delivering deep insight into extended antigen typing to help solve complex red blood cell and platelet compatibility cases.

BioArray's BeadChip technology utilizes the genetic information of blood donors and patients to predict red blood cell, platelet and leukocyte phenotypes. BeadChip assays for red blood groups are not influenced by immunoglobulin coating of the red blood cells, the presence of recently transfused red blood cells, or any form of polyagglutination.

Red Cell Genotyping


Human Erythrocyte Antigen by DNA Analysis:

The BioArray HEA BeadChip Kit detects 24 red blood cell polymorphisms associated with 38 antigens and phenotypic variants in a single test. For donor testing, extended antigen typing can help identify samples as rare, weak, or containing altered phenotypes to more deeply characterize a donor registry. Recently and poly-transfused patients can also benefit from extended typing by DNA analysis. The HEA BeadChip is currently available in a 12x8 or 1x96 format for 96 tests.

RH Antigen by DNA Analysis:

The BioArray RHCE and RHD BeadChips extensively identify more than 35 and 75 RH variants, respectively, across two assays, providing quick and accurate DNA analysis results to aid in the investigation and management of individuals with variations in RH expression. The RH BeadChip kits are available as a 6x8 format for 48 tests.

Platelet Genotyping


Human Platelet Antigen by DNA Analysis:

The BioArray HPA BeadChip detects 22 platelet antigens in a single test. Extended platelet antigen typing information can aid in the diagnosis and management of neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia, post-transfusion purpura and platelet refractoriness. The HPA BeadChip is available in a 12x8 or 1x96 format for 96 tests.



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