Sample Handling

When quality results are needed, careful tissue preparation is necessary!

LeanGene offers Milestone’s sample handling product line; an innovative and complete portfolio of systems and accessories for the transportation, grossing and fixation of specimens. By utilizing these systems, histology laboratories can critically impact the quality of the whole process of sample handling.

Milestone has offered a line of Vacuum Transfer Systems for biospecimens since 2009. These systems allow for the preservation of “fresh” vacuum-sealed specimens and constantly monitor both the temperature and the time of the specimens, from the surgery suite to the laboratory.

The fixation step is a crucial step to grant reliable IHC and Molecular biology studies, and with Milestone’s vacuum transfer systems, labs are better able to control and monitor this step.

With UltraSAFE, SealSAFE and TissueSAFE plus, pathology laboratories are able to finally take back full control of the fixation process. This process can now be started and run under documented conditions and supervised by the laboratory staff. These systems allow for the elimination of formalin exposure, a carcinogenic, from the surgery theatres and labs. Since January 1st 2016, formalin has been listed as a class B1 carcinogenic and laboratories should not spare efforts to limit or avoid its open use in both the OR and AP.

In addition to that, a complete line of grossing devices assures, with millimetric precision, the grossing of both large and small samples, like lymph nodes.

For the best accuracy, the fixation step can also be monitored and standardized using a dedicated bench top fixation devices, such as FixSTATION 1RH, BoneSTATION and DecalMATE, which each have different cassette capacities.       


Automated formalin dispensing system, for safe, standardized and documented biospecimens’ transport

UltraSAFE card
UltraSAFE is a stand-alone automated fixative filler for buckets. It doses the required fixative (i.e. formalin) in a standardized and documented way, in full safety and granting a spillage proof buckets’ closure. This innovative technology allows operators in surgery rooms and in pathology laboratories to handle histology specimens in complete safety, with no exposure to fixative fumes.

Different bucket sizes are available in with unique sealing valve built-in to bucket lids,

Standardizes and reduces the volume of formalin used | Full automated and fully enclosed unit | Dedicated buckets equipped with a non-return valve | Documentation/case association with 2D bar code


Automated Fixative Addition Plus Vacuum Sealing of Biospecimens

sealsafe main
SealSAFE is the world’s first automatic system that fills dedicated bags containing biospecimens with the required fixative (i.e. formalin) in a standardized and documented way. This innovative and patented technology allows operators in surgery rooms and in pathology laboratories to handle histology specimens in complete safety.

Different bucket sizes are available in with unique sealing valve built-in to bucket lids,

Standardizes and maintains quality | Reduces the volume of formalin used
 | Uses full automation | Stores specimens in vacuum-sealed bags | Extreme cost savings for disposal

TissueSAFE plus

Biospecimen Vacuum System. Elimination of formalin with TissueSAFE plus

tissuesafe plus mainTissueSAFE plus is an innovative and patented vacuum system which eliminates the need for formalin in the operating theatre and allows for a controlled, formalin-free, transfer of biospecimens to the laboratory.


Standardizes and maintains quality | Reduces the volume of formalin used | Uses full automation | Stores specimens in vacuum-sealed bags | Extreme cost savings for disposal


Automatic tissue fixation system

fixstation 1rh mainSmall enough to fit any grossing station or ventilated hood, the FixSTATION 1RH is a game changer in controlling the fixation process. Fixation of racks takes place in a close environment, outside the tissue processor, according to specific protocols with full documentation readily available.


Suitable for all kinds of racks and fixation reagents | Temperature range: up to 55 °C (131 °F) | Automatic stirring of solution | Time for fixation: up to 99 hours 59 minutes | Stainless steel tank (AISI304) with 4.5L capacity


Advanced System for Fixation and Decalcification of Bone Tissues 

Accurate and reliable diagnostic results for morphology and molecular studies

Milestone’s BoneSTATION consists of two work platforms complete with glass modules for fixation/decalcification. The front platform, used for the decalcification step, features a heating plate with infrared sensors for automatic temperature control up to 50°C and magnetic stirring. The rear platform, for the fixation step, has built-in magnetic stirring only. Two user-friendly work platforms, for easy handling of bone specimens, complete the unit.

BoneSTATION trans


BoneSTATION can be used with any type of fixative/decalcifier, even with strong mineral acids such as HCl – HNO3, as all contact surfaces are either glass or PTFE polymer.


Automatic Fixation and Decalcification System for Bone Tissues

Milestone’s DecalMATE enables histotechs to “tailor” their fixation/decalcification process to the specific characteristics of their bone tissue specimens.

For the first time, automatic protocols for fixation/decalcification of bone tissues are available for the modern laboratory. These protocols allow for improved diagnostic quality, consistency of results and faster turn-around time.

decalmate main

The unit consists of a resistance heated, temperature controlled process cavity, made of high chemical resistant techno polymers, with a built-in magnetic stirring device for temperature and concentration homogeneity.


Grossing Devices

Innovative Line of Grossing Devices and Specimen Transfer Accessories 

procut slicing devices mainProCUT Slicing Devices

These devices eliminate the need for gross hardening, overnight pre-fixation or cooling of specimens prior to sampling fresh tissues.

Eliminate guesswork and consistently slice large fresh and fixed tissues | Standardize grossing procedures, operator independent | Accelerate fixation procedures by having standard tissue thicknesses

cutmate forceps mainCutMATE Forceps

The innovative forceps for grossing at 2, 3, 4 mm thickness. 

Eliminate the guesswork in cutting specific block thicknesses | Standardize block taking | Make serial tissue blocks in one simple step (e.g. lymph nodes)


Monitor and Control the Status of Milestone Units Throughout the Day and Night

milewatch 800x800

MileWATCH is a 24/7 monitoring & alert system that constantly monitors Milestone units throughout the day and night and alerts operators/manager in case of failures or alerts. Alert levels are customizable. MileWATCH can call and/or text Managers when issues are detected overnight or throughout the day.

MileWATCH analytics provide the data for managers to improve their lab’s workflow.

Compatible with existing Laboratory PCs and Servers, MileWATCH works without the need for an internet connection; with all related information securely stored within the local LAN.



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