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In the mission of improving the laboratory work environment, we provide safer and greener reagents developed by Milestone Medical, to offer the best histological results joined to a granted compatibility to Milesone's units!

Important steps in the histological specimens preparation, such as fixation, decalcification and processing, can be dramatically shortened in time by improving the instrumentation power-saving features through Milestone's line of products.

MileONE & MileTWO, FineFIX, JFC Solution and MoL-DECALCIFIER are designed and developed for maximizing Milestone units’ performance.

Dedicated to Frozen Sections, MCC gives an unrivalled blocks consistency for a smoother frozen blocks cutting and a preserved histological architecture.

Great attention is also given to the development of reagents, with the goal to eliminate operators exposure to toxic reagents such as xylene and formaldehyde, for a safer laboratory environment.

All Milestone reagents are Xylene-Free, including the cleaning solution MileGREEN.

With FormSAFE formaldehyde does not go in contact with the operator thanks for Milestone's patented protective floating shield!


The Xylene Substitute

milegreen mainMileGREEN is a solvent, consisting of iso-paraffins and replaces xylene both at the clearing and mounting process. Moreover it can be used for cleaning purposes for paraffin contaminated items, for example in HistosMATE module.

When heated this solution becomes highly effective in the extraction lipids from biological tissue.

MileGREEN is an almost odorless solvent and has the properties to solve fat and paraffin. Its formulation of low toxicity overcomes the drawbacks commonly associated with the xylene, a hazardous product for the human nervous system. MileGREEN also provides optimal structural preservation of fat cells structure, nuclear and cytoplasmic morphology.

Available tank: 5L ready to use


The Formalin Substitute

finefix mainThe ideal fixative should present a low level of toxicity, produce optimal H&E, IHC and histochemical staining and allow recovery of DNA, RNA, and Protein for molecular analysis.

FineFIX is a patented formalin-free and water-based concentrate. When diluted with ethanol, its formulation of low toxicity additives overcomes the drawbacks commonly associated with the use of pure ethanol or ethanol-based fixatives (e.g. significant tissue shrinkage, vacuolization and pyknotic nuclei).

FineFIX also provides optimal preservation of tissue antigens, nuclear and cytoplasmic morphology and reduced lysis of red blood cells with preservation of the cytoplasmic membranes.

Available tanks: 5L or 10L tank concentrate

MileONE & MileTWO

High Quality Morphology Even for Fatty or Small Tissues

mileone miletwo main 1MileONE & MileTWO are Milestone designed and approved solvents to grant consistent processing of normal fat content tissues with no compromise for high-fat content tissues like breast, brain, fatty colon and skin.

They perform respectively dehydration and clearing steps maximizing the performance of Milestone tissue processors. Inquiry now for more info and level up the quality standards of your laboratory getting rid of: Xylene, Aromatic compound, Limonene & Acetone.

JFC Solution

The High Performance Xylene-Free Processing Solution

jfc main 1The JFC Solution is an innovative, patented solution composed by a mixture of ethanol, isopropanol and a long chain hydrocarbon. Under the influence of microwaves, this solution becomes highly effective in the extraction of water and lipids from biological tissue, in a single step, without the need of further dehydration or clearing.

The miscibility of the three components of the JFC Solution allows performing dehydration and clearing in a single step, representing a significant advantage over the conventional processing method. The action of the mixture can be explained by the polarity of the molecules.

Available packages: 5L tank ready to use


EDTA Based Decalcifying 


mol decalcifier mainFor a faster decalcification time, the process with EDTA is best carried out at a pH value of 7.2-7.4. Milestone has developed an innovative, pure unbuffered 10% EDTA solution, based on a stoichiometric mixture of bibasic or tribasic EDTA to reach this pH value without the addition of an acid/base buffer. The combination of increased temperature, stirring and the MoL-DECALCIFIER, during the decalcification phase allows fixation, decalcification and processing of bone marrows within 48 hours.

A presentation during the “First Symposium on Pre- analytic of Pathological Specimens – Berlin March 2013” reported the first results on H&E, IHC, FISH and molecular using the Milestone’s decalcifying solution MoL-DECALCIFIER on bone marrow trephine biopsies.

Available tank: 5L ready to use


High Safety Formalin Prefilled Biopsies Container

formsafe main 1FormSAFE provides an excellent alternative to traditional prefilled containers when personnel are concerned with formalin exposure during collection, transport and storage.

A second stratified fluid component floats above the formalin phase and acts as a protective floating shield, which prevents fixative fumes from escaping from the container.

This concept of a multi-layered liquid container allows safe handling both to the endoscopist at sampling and to the histologist when preparing the cassetThe endoscopist can easily detach the specimen from the tweezers by immersing them in the liquid without being exposed to formalin vapors. The histologist can open the container and pick up the specimen without being exposed to the fumes.

Available packages: 21 or 70 boxes of 50 containers each


Optimized Cryoembedding Compound

The perfect cryoembedding composition for the PrestoCHILL system

MCC is a proprietary formulation of glycols and resins specifically developed for optimal support during cryotomy of dissected tissues down to -40°C.

Being water soluble, MCC doesn’t leave residue on the slides, eliminating non specific background staining. Additionally, MCC will not dull microtome knives.

Available package: 125 ml squeeze bottles, box of 12 bottles


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