HLA Antibody Detection

LeanGene offers a complete range of HLA Antibody products for the Transplant Diagnostics segment including Screening and Identification, Donor Specific Antibody Identification (DSA) as well as Single Antigen and MICA kits using ELISA and xMAP® technology.

Our HLA Antibody products line is supplied by Immucor-LIFECODES, the world's leader in the Transplant Diagnostics products

Immucor-LIFECODES provids a broad portfolio of antibody-based assays using ELISA and xMAP® technology to evaluate HLA compatibility between donors and recipients.

Immucor-LIFECODES HLA antibody bead-based assays are easy-to-use with reliable results and consistent performance. The assays utilize filter trays and vacuum manifold for washing steps in order to reduce hands-on time and run-to-run/tech-to-tech variabilities. They contain multiple  negative controls to pick up true reactivity over background. Less prone to prozone effect. CREG, Epitope and Tail Analysis tools are available to ensure better results and enhanced interpretation. Immucor-LIFECODES HLA antibody bead-based assays can be ready in less than 1 hour!

HLA antinody beed-based assays workflow

HLA Antibody Workflow



LeanGene offers LIFECODES LifeScreen Delux Kit and LIFECODES Class I and Class II ID Kits as Luminex® Screening Assays for the Qualitative Detection of IgG Panel Reactive Antibodies (PRA) to HLA Class I and II Molecules of Human Origin. 

LeanGene provides LIFECODES LSA™ Class I & Class II panels as Luminex® Screening Assays for the Qualitative Detection of IgG Antibodies to HLA Class I & II Molecules. We also provide the C3d detection assay to detect C3d complement bound to Ab/Ag complex.

LeanGene also provides the LIFECODES LSA™-MIC assay as a Luminex® screening assay for the qualitative detection of anti-MICA IgG antibodies. LSA-MIC is composed of different Luminex Beads to which purified recombinant MICA proteins are conjugated.

Donor Specific Antibodies (DSA) have been shown to be involved in both chronic and acute rejection of transplanted allografts. LeanGene provides the LIFECODES DSA Donor Specific Antibody Detection assay as a solutions for organ transplant patiens.

LeanGene provides HLA Antibody Screening assays using ELISA technique from Immucoe-LIFECODES. The LIFECODES Quickscreen for Screening HLA Class I antigens and the LIFECODES B-Screen for screening HLA Class II antigens.

LeanGene also provides complementary products and accessories to enhance the HLA Antibody assays' performance and final results.




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