LeanGene provides specialized Cultureware and other general supplies from STEMCELL Technologies to complete the workflow in Cord Blood & Cell Biology labs.



Meniscus-free cultureware for more reliable scoring of hematopoietic CFU assays

27301 product 1SmartDish™ 6-well culture plates have been designed to enable accurate and reproducible hematopoietic colony counting by preventing the formation of a meniscus. This allows for an even distribution of culture medium, resulting in a more uniform distribution of colonies throughout the entire 35 mm well. The absence of the meniscus also reduces optical distortion so that colonies located at the edge can be more easily counted.

SmartDish™ has been designed to work with standard inverted microscopes when performing manual colony counts, as well as with the STEMvision™ instrument for automated counting of hematopoietic colony-forming unit (CFU) assays. For manual counting of hematopoietic CFU assays, SmartDish™ is used with STEMgrid™-6, a detachable grid that facilitates navigation throughout the culture, dividing it into four quadrants for partial counting if desired.



Detachable grid for manual counting of hematopoietic colonies in SmartDish™ 6-well plates using an inverted microscope

27000 product 2STEMgrid™-6 is a counting grid designed to attach to the bottom of any SmartDish™ 6-well plate. STEMgrid™-6 is also suitable for manual counting of hematopoietic colonies in standard 35 mm dishes, which can be placed individually onto the grid surface.

STEMgrid™-6 contains gridlines to assist in the manual counting of hematopoietic colonies using an inverted microscope. The six 35 mm diameter areas of 2 x 2 mm grids precisely align with each well of a SmartDish™ 6-well plate. In addition, each of the six gridded areas are divided into quadrants by thicker lines, to facilitate counting of only one-quarter or one-half of the culture, and as a reference for locating colonies in different areas of a well during counting.


35 mm Culture Dishes

27100 product 135 mm culture dishes, pre-tested for optimal colony growth without supporting anchorage-dependent cells in methylcellulose-based assays. They are manufactured from optical quality, thermally-resistant, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic polystyrene.

Recommended for Hematopoietic progenitor cultures in methylcellulose-based media (MethoCult™).


60 mm Gridded Scoring Dishes

27120 product 1

Dishes for reproducible and accurate scoring of hematopoietic colony assays

These dishes are gridded for consistent placement of 35 mm culture dishes, thereby allowing reproducible and accurate scoring of colonies. They are 60 mm in diameter, with a 2 mm grid pattern, are reusable, non-sterile and conveniently sized to fit most inverted microscope stages. They are not suitable for the direct inoculation or culturing of cells.


27140 product 1 v2

245 mm x 245 mm Square Treated Tissue Culture Dishes

245 mm x 245 mm treated tissue culture dishes

Tissue culture dishes, 245 mm x 245 mm, intended for culturing anchorage-dependent cells.


28110 product 1

Blunt-End Needles, 16 Gauge

16 gauge with luer lock

Sterile 16 gauge needles, 1.5 inches long with a metal luer lock hub. Ideal for safe and accurate handling of methylcellulose-based media. Blunt end reduces the risk of needle stick injuries. Manufactured from non-pyrogenic, non-toxic materials.


3 cc Syringes

28230 product 1 v2For accurate dispensing of methylcellulose-based medium

Ideal for accurate dispensing of methylcellulose-based medium (such as MethoCult™), when used with Blunt-End Needles to ensure compatibility and accuracy. Manufactured from non-pyrogenic, non-toxic materials.



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