In continuation of LeanGene's mission of providing innovative products to help patients on-site and through laboratory supplies, we are continually looking for solutions to improve diagnosis process.

In the field of cytology, we provide solutions to help physicians as well as cytopathology laboratories to deliver quick services with highest quality.

LeanGene partners with leading manufactures like ELITech Group and Milestone Medical in the aim of providing highest quality services.

rosestation main 2RoseSTATION

All-In-One Mobile Workstation for Rapid On-Site Evaluation of FNA Cytology

The term Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) refers to a service that the cytopathology laboratory provides for patients and their physicians. The advantages include assurance of Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) biopsy adequacy, the ability to triage the specimen, shorten the length of the procedure, direct the biopsy in real-time and overall assist in managing the patient’s procedure with the performing clinician at the point of care.

LeanGene is proud to introduce the first mobile dedicated unit/system to carry out ROSE on location!

In cooperation with Milestone we are now able to provide the RoseSTATION - a new innovative product developed from an original idea from Professor Mousa A. Al-Abbadi. RoseSTATION is an all-in-one mobile workstation for Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) of FNA cytology.

 RoseSTATION Catalogue

CYTOPRO Cytocentrifuge

LEANGENE offers the CYTOPRO® Cytocentrifuge from ELITech Group.

A complete system for depositing an enriched monolayer of cells onto microscope slides.

cyto series 21The Cytopro® cytocentrifuge is a complete, integrated system for depositing cells onto microscope slides including an advanced instrument console with touchscreen controls and an eight-station cytocentrifuge rotor.

Cutting-edge microprocessor control and user programmability provides programming versatility. In addition to manual programming, you can store up to twelve frequently used combinations of rotation speed (100-2000 rpm), run time (1-99 minutes), and rotor acceleration (Low, Medium or High). Programs are easy to retrieve or clear. The user friendly display visually confirms inputs, current settings, or operation cycle status.

Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Brochure


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