LEANGENE partners with MILESTONE Medical to support our Jordanian market with innovative solutions to reduce patient anxiety by providing pathologists with technologies for same-day diagnostic results.

Our innovative solutions falls into six main fields: Frozen Section, Cytology, Sample Handling, Tissue Processing, Macro Digital and Reagents. All products aim to help patients and to create a better laboratory environment for the medical staff of both the Anatomical Pathology and Surgical Rooms. 

Patients' relief is our MISSION 

Frozen Section

High Quality Frozen Section, Enhanced Manual & Automated Staining, Enhanced Tissue Banking Procedures


All-In-One Mobile Workstation for Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) of FNA Cytology. World's Most Advanced Cytocentrifuge

Sample Handling

Complete Portfolio of Systems and Accessories for the Transportation, Grossing and Fixation of specimens

Tissue Processing

Validated Xylene-Free Process. All-In-One System for the Processing and the Auto- Embedding of Tissues

Macro Digital

Digital Imaging Systems. Digital Documentation of Small Biopsies & the surgical Dissection Process


Eliminate Operators Exposure to Toxic Reagents such as Xylene & Formaldehyde, for a SAFER Laboratory Environment



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LEANGENE For Medical & Electronic Supplies

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