OlerupSSPOlerup SSP® genotyping products are easy to learn and easy to teach. All the products follow the same protocol for amplification program, which allows you to mix and match your PCR set up as you please.

Olerup SSP® HLA Typing Kits are qualitative in vitro diagnostic kits for the DNA typing of HLA Class I and HLA Class II alleles. Designed to distinguish all confirmed HLA alleles up to 4-digit resolution for the HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C and DRB1 loci, and all known alleles for other HLA loci.

The HLA Typing trays either comes as individual alleles (e.g HLA-A, HLA-B,... etc.) or as combi trays (e.g. HLA-A-B-DR, HLA-A-B-C,...etc.). High Resolution Typing Trays are also available for more detailed results. Kits also comes with and without Taq Polymerase.

Benefits of Olerup SSP®:

  • The minimal Ambiguity Rate compared to other commercial kits available in the market
  • Comprehensive range of High resolution kits
  • One test per PCR plate marked with Product name and Lot number
  • Most up-to-date, quarterly allele updates
  • Minimum amount of DNA and Taq Polymerase required
  • No mineral oil over-lay
  • Multiple package sizes
  • Color-coded plastic for different HLA gene loci


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