Transplantation related Lab records are very critical and traceability is a challenge! 


The complexity of the testing process often results in each laboratory having a number of worksheets to keep track of everything!

As a result and because we care, LEANGENE delivers the powerful HLA Lab Management System; HistoTrac® (Produced by SystemLink, Inc.) to insure complete management solution to the Transplant Diagnostics Segment.

HistoTrac® is a Windows-based HLA Laboratory Management Software System designed to provide a complete and seamless management solution for your laboratory. It handles everything from sample accessioning, test resulting, to reporting while keeping track of all the management functions of the lab. HistoTrac® allows the integration of output from automated instruments, other laboratory systems, and desktop software, empowering you to manage your work effectively.

For more details on HistoTrac®, review the online Brochure. 


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HistoTrac® Core

The HistoTrac® Core performs the main functions of the laboratory, it is all you need to manage your laboratory, handle samples and orders on patients and donors from test request through reporting of results, look up patient demographics and test history, create a billing invoice, calculate TAT, print reports for your clients, reply to information requests using the query tool, look up patient test results and associated data (DSA trends & virtual crossmatch) — ALL in the same database!

HistoTrac® is presented in modules that are built to supplement the extensive functionality of the Core Package.


 Build the System that Meets Your Laboratory's Needs by choosing one or more from the available modules;

    • HIPAA Auditing; an indispensable tool to track access to patient information.
    • UNOS / NMDP / Other Registries
    • Labels; Specimen Tube Labels & Mailing Labels
    • Equipment Inventory
    • Reagent / Supply Inventory
    • Purchasing module
    • Non-HLA Test
    • Paired Kidney Exchange (PKE)
    • Platelet Matching



The HistoTrac Core Software includes official reports to provide test results and interpretations to your clients. These reports can be sent through a review process to include an electronic signature. Clinicians can receive these reports via HL7 interface or email.

Including; Electronic Signature, Report Queue Sign Out, Report Manager & AD HOC Query.



HistoTrac can be connected with your hospital and/or laboratory system to provide full integration with the patient’s electronic medical record. This includes ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer), Inbound Results, Billing System & Outbound Results.


Reagent Vendor integration

RVI is the most powerful of all additions to your HistoTrac system. RVI software utilization saves time and reduces transcription errors by importing test results directly from the testing analysis software into HistoTrac.

Interfaces are available for all methods of testing — Histocompatibility and non-Histocompatibility including; Molecular typing, SBT, SSP, rSSO, NGS, qPCR, Antibody Screening & Identification, Luminex, Flow - custom to flow instrument & assay, Crossmatch, Platelet Ab Screening, DNA Measurement, Chimerism Testing, Infectious Disease &  Other Methodologies.





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