High Speed Automated Capillary Electrophoresis!

LEANGENE introduces the the V8 Nexus next-generation analyser from Helena Biosciences.

A faster, more connected and flexible than ever. With accelerated capillary technology, seamless connectivity to laboratory track systems and Helena’s unique integrated gel workflow, no other system comes close to this level of power.

Key Features:Sysmex Xtra 2 2017 Elektrophorese V8 Nexus

  • Ultra sensitive analysis with reflex testing
  • Eight-channel capillary electrophoresis
  • Rapid capillary technology (up to 96 tests per hour)
  • Flexible wavelength detection capability for new and enhanced methods
  • New capillary technology for rapid serum protein analysis
  • Connectivity to fully automated laboratory track systems
  • Four independent buffer locations with automatic switching and full bar-coded traceability
  • Continuous loading of sample tubes with 112-tube on-board capacity
  • Flexible, peltier-cooled on-board reagents (6 positions) and diluent (4 positions)
  • Automated gel tray preparation for Serum, Urine Protein, IFE and Haemoglobin tests
  • Automated maintenance and scheduled start-up and shut-down settings
  • Flexible connectivity for networked interpretation
  • Clear, touchscreen-based software for instrument monitoring and interpretation


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V8 Nexus supports a wide — and growing — range of automated and sensitive tests, allowing you to choose the optimal characteristics and throughput for your laboratory. In conjunction with Helena's gel electrophoresis tests and Helena's unique gel preparation technology, there is no better source of clinical expertise in this field.

V8 Nexus test range:

High-speed Serum Proteins, Urine Protein, Immunodisplacement, Automated Haemoglobin, Hemoglobin A1C, Hemoglobin IEF, & CDT (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin).


v8 gel tray needle 600x400V8 Nexus is unique in providing a seamless preparation workflow for Helena's SAS gel trays.

V8 Nexus is the heart of the most versatile, powerful analytical electrophoresis platform available, with hardware and software support for the preparation of gel sample trays for use with our SAS-1+ and SAS-3 gel analysers.

The user can place a sample gel tray on the V8 Nexus and it is able to automatically prepare a gel sample tray on-board the system through the touch of a button on the associated Platinum 5 software. This can be automatically ordered by the Expert System software for reflex testing if deemed an abnormal result according to laboratory parameters, adding a further step of automation and reducing user input.

V8 Nexus tests supporting gel integration: Serum Proteins, Haemoglobin A1C & Haemoglobin IEF (isoelectric focusing).



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