Take complete control of your laboratory’s analytical, editing and reporting tasks with unparallelled ease-of-use when using Helana Biosciences' Platinum 6 Software!


Platinum 6 

A revolutionary and powerful new touch screen interface, designed to accelerate and simplify your analytical workflow. Clear, user-friendly software for instrument monitoring, interpretation and reporting. Manage your entire V8 Nexus workflow and analytical processes with one-touch simplicity. A full suite of comparison, editing and reporting tools for the ultimate in flexibility.

Platinum 6 excels with unrivalled ease of use, outstanding data handling performance and powerful analytical features. With revolutionary networking capabilities, it truly is the heart of your laboratory.

Platinum 6 lets you mix and match results from our capillary and gel electrophoresis analysers, while providing quality control management and V8 NEXUS control.

Pltinum 6

  • Full HD display with multi-touch navigation gestures including pinch-to-zoom
  • Focus Mode provides simple navigation of results
  • Expert System provides automatic flagging of abnormal results with optional auto-reflex testing
  • Configurable report designs with SP and immunotyping traces on one page, and PDF export
  • Configurable patient demographics and external chemistry values for each result
  • Automatic patient history
  • Customiseable trace display with flexible comparison tools
  • Advanced peak identification and haemoglobin variant overlays


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