The AKLIDES® Cell Damage System for the standardization and automatic determination of DNA double strand breaks using immunofluorescence.

ALKIDES Cell DamageBiomarkers for the determination of DNA double strand breaks, the so-called DNA repair foci, can be standardized and automatically measured and evaluated using the AKLIDES® cell damage system. The quantitative determination of DNA repair foci via immunofluorescence is a very sensitive method, which is able to evaluate both single cells and single foci.

Compared to manual analysis, such as visual counting of DNA repair foci in a dark room, the AKLIDES® cell damage system offers the following advantages:

  • Standardized and objective evaluation of DNA repair foci
  • Faster analysis compared to visual counting
  • Automatic determination of DNA repair foci using various fluorescent dyes
  • Detailed results through the measurement of various parameters, including average number of foci per cell, percentage of cells with foci, mean intensity of foci, average diameter of foci and cells
  • Archiving of results and images.

The AKLIDES® Cell Damage system is supplied by MEDIPAN GMBH (a partner of Generic Assays).


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