Major histocompatibility complex class I chain-related antigen A (MICA) proteins are similar to the HLA class I gene products. However, MICA proteins do not associate with beta2-microglobulin and have a groove too narrow to accommodate peptides for the presentation to T cells. MICA has a functional role as a ligand for the activating receptor NKG2D. Similar to the highly polymorphic HLA system, MICA molecules can become the targets of antibody responses in people during pregnancy, transfusion of blood products, or organ transplant rejection. Generally, immunization leads to the production of anti-MICA antibodies in a significant fraction of exposed individuals. The presence or absence of these MICA-specific antibodies may play a role in determining the survival of organ transplants.

LIFECODES LSA™-MIC kit is designed to detect antibodies directed against MICA antigens. Publications have suggested that anti-MICA antibodies may play a role in the failure of renal allografts.

The majority of the identified MICA antigens are represented on the panel to provide extensive coverage of well known MICA polymorphic amino acid positions and also the majority of the immunogenic eptitopes are present on multiple antigens. LIFECODES LSA™-MIC is a solid phase assay using xMAP Technology from Luminex providing flow cytometric sensitivity.


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