LIFECODES Single Antigen (LSA) kit is designed to identify permissible allele-level antigens. It also helps to identify those specificities that are masked in high-PRA sera when tested on conventional identification panels.

Class I panel comprises over 90 different HLA-A, -B and -Cw recombinant antigens. Class II panel comprises over 80 HLA-DRB, -DQB and -DPB recombinant antigens.
The kit contains both high and low frequency antigens. The DQ and DP antigens contain different combinations of common alpha and beta chains, facilitating identification of chain-specific antibodies.

LIFECODES C3d assay provides a measure of the binding and processing of complement to one of its end products - C3d. When combined with the LIFECODES LSA™ Single Antigen Kits, the assay offers a simple method for the detection of complement binding to HLA antibodies. 

C3d, the split product of C3, has been shown to have a significant effect on B cells that are the effector cells responsible for generating the humoral response. C3d deposits are frequently found coincident with C4d deposits in AMR and can be associated with more severe rejection in cardiac and renal transplantation. Although C4d is inactive, its homologue, C3d, is the primary ligand for complement receptor 2 CR2/CD21).


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